Udaan: Achieving Peak Performance through Self-Care

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Udaan: Achieving Peak Performance through Self-Care
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In the fast-paced world of hyper-connectivity and lack of time for self-care, it becomes increasingly important to reflect on one’s wellbeing. Leaders and organisations continuously work to make employees feel safe and heard while expecting them to achieve peak performance. However, that is difficult to achieve without some semblance of good health. 

In 2021, Human Edge embarked on a journey with Udaan, an e-commerce platform, to prioritise self-care by leveraging the power of their biology. Through the course of the program, Human Resource leaders were able to understand the importance of prioritising their wellbeing and thereby, become more effective in their work.


The 14-day program was created for the leadership cohort of the Human Resources department at Udaan, India. 40 HR leaders participated in the 14-day self-care program. The focus was on training people who are responsible for training new employees in the organisation under the guidance of Edge Expert Dr. Marcus Ranney.

Edge Theme

Get on the Self-Care Wagon

Get Your Team on the Self-Care Wagon

The Human Edge Solution

Human Edge devised the ‘Train the Trainee’ feature for the program to equip HR leaders with the necessary skills and tools to conduct training sessions within the organisation. The goal was to empower and equip the participants to hold future training sessions with new and existing employees.

  1. Virtual sessions: Under the guidance of Edge Expert Dr Marcus Ranney, virtual sessions were conducted with the participants. These sessions were aimed at building knowledge and awareness of the importance of self-care for better personal and professional lives. The participants were guided on prioritising self-care for themselves and their teams.
  2. Assessment: Following the virtual sessions, participants were assessed on what they learned with respect to their behaviours and patterns. The cohort’s habits were analysed with respect to Edge themes of sleep, heart rate, resilience, self-care & work-life harmony.
  3. Summary report: After the assessment, a cohort-level summary report was generated. The report analysed the data collected via the assessment. It helped in understanding the impact of the program as well as the areas that participants needed to focus upon.

Insights and Results

Through the 14-day program, the participants recorded an impressive average session attendance rate of 83%. Engagement levels with the program remained consistent all through. The average survey completion rate was also recorded at 83%. 

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