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1.5 Million -  Seed Funding

In 2022, Human Edge raised over USD 1.5 million in seed funding—backed by Bharat Innovation Fund, as well as Lead Angels, Force Ventures, and a number of other strategic angel investors from Singapore, Japan, USA, and India. In 2023, Human Edge is gearing up for a series A funding round.

Dr. Marcus Ranney

Founder and Chief Medical Director,
Human Edge

A life dedicated to sickcare → human longevity

  • Bachelors of Science, and Medical degrees from University College Medical School, London 
  • Former Medical Officer, Royal Air Force and NASA’s Kennedy Space Center 
  • Best selling author, “At The Human Edge” 
  • Global Shaper, World Economic Forum 
  • Senior Fellow, Atlantic Council 
  • Board Member, International Coaching Federation (TLI) 
  • Keen athlete and long distance marathon runner; holds a Guinness World Record for backwards running 
  • Favourite subject — Mitochondria (bring it up at your own risk ⚠️)

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Shayamal Vallabhjee

Head of Coaching, Human Edge, Sports Scientist, Performance & Mindset Coach

Mimi Nicklin

Empathy Advocate and Global Bestselling Author

Kirti Carr

Coaching leaders & team to excellence

Krushmi Chheda

Nutritionist & Founder of CORE

Urmi Kothari

Fitness Expert, Energy Coach, & Mindset Coach

Craig Duncan

Human Performance Strategist

Marco Altini

Human Movement Sciences Expert and High Performance Coach

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