Ogilvy: Finding the Balance with Gradual Interventions

August 19, 2023 by
Ogilvy: Finding the Balance with Gradual Interventions
Human Edge

Life happens even when we are hunched over at our desks. Work and life are not separate entities. Instead of trying to strike a balancing act, the need of the hour is to harmonise work and life so that wellbeing takes precedence organically. 

With this goal in sight, Human Edge created a program focusing on gradual lifestyle changes for our enterprise partner Ogilvy. Our goal was to help them unlock the potential of their biology to achieve excellence at work and in life.

Key Metrics

On Snacking Choices
Impact On Sleep Duration 
On Time Spent On Personal Growth 


With the rst phase in 2021, the journey began with Ogilvy APAC–targeting 14 markets. Designed for a cohort of 5000—during the nine-month program, Human Edge worked closely with the participants on work-life harmony and mindfulness to make them more agile and energetic at home, work, and play.

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