GSK's Transformation with Human Edge Advisory Services

August 19, 2023 by
GSK's Transformation with Human Edge Advisory Services
Human Edge

At GSK, we believe in the power of investing in our leadership team's well-being and growth. In April to June 2022, we partnered with Human Edge Advisory Services Private Limited to embark on a transformative journey that would empower our leaders and enhance their overall well-being.

Challenge: Elevating Leadership Well-being

Our leadership team recognized the need to improve stress levels, sleep quality, movement, and fueling habits. We sought a solution that would provide them with knowledge, awareness, and actionable strategies to lead healthier and more balanced lives.

Human Edge Solutions: A Customized Journey

Human Edge crafted a comprehensive, 3-month program that focused on four crucial aspects: Sleep, Fuel, Movement, and Environment. Through personalized lifestyle modifications, group engagements, one-on-one coaching sessions, and biohacking techniques, our leaders were empowered to make sustainable changes tailored to their individual needs.

The Journey: Steps to Success

The program kicked off with a science-based virtual session, setting the foundation for the transformative journey ahead. Pre and post-assessments helped us understand our leaders' habits and behaviors, while individualized scorecards highlighted strengths and challenges.

Throughout the program, participants engaged in four virtual sessions facilitated by Edge Experts, covering specific themes related to well-being. Easy-to-consume content assets with biohacks kept the momentum going, along with personalized 1:1 sessions with experts to work towards personalized goals.

Tangible Impact: A Healthier, Empowered Leadership Team

The results were outstanding. On average, sleep latency improved by 12%, demonstrating the program's effectiveness in the 'Recovery' pillar. Exposure to biohacks increased by 6%, showcasing the success of the program in enhancing well-being practices. Moreover, our leaders reported a significant 28% positive impact on purposeful breaks to recharge, and a 15% average improvement in their aerobic exercise regime.

Participant Testimonials: A Testament to Success

One of our directors, reflecting on the experience, shared, "These opportunities to take a break from our work and focus on our health are invaluable. It’s hard to take the time for yourself, by yourself, but by supporting this investment in us, it’s a win/win."

Continuing the Journey: Enterprise Wellbeing

Buoyed by the success of our partnership, Haleon is now committed to fostering a sustainable work culture. We have expanded the program's scope to address broader aspects of well-being. With Human Edge's support, we are confident that our employees' performance, productivity, and overall happiness will continue to soar.

In Conclusion: A Partnership that Transforms

The partnership between Haleon and Human Edge Advisory Services has proven to be a transformative journey that empowers leaders to prioritize their well-being. Through targeted interventions, personalized coaching, and innovative biohacking techniques, we have witnessed tangible improvements in our leadership team's sleep, exercise routines, and overall stress management. This success story is a testament to the value of investing in the well-being of our most valuable assets: our people.

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