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The MITO Approach To Simplified Health

Optimised health+wellbeing is the secret to great performance. MITO uses biology and technology to help your people understand their mind and body better, every day.

  Integrates & Assesses Data

MITO collects and analyses data from multiple sources shared by the participant.

  Offers Personalised Prescriptions

It delivers lifestyle-based biohacks, personal to each participant, to help them meet their goals.

  Tracks Progress

MITO comes with an in-built dashboard to measure improvements.

  Receive alerts

If a deviation is detected on a biomarker, MITOTM will launch a science-based personalised trigger to drive a corrective response.

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How Does MITO Work?

 Allows participants to choose their journey 

 Evaluates health score using EdgeAssess and data from wearable devices

 Creates personalised biohack recommendations 

 Gives daily nudges to prompt participants to work on their health

 Lets them track 12 key biomarkers daily

 Sends urgent biohack prescriptions to fix biomarker deviations   

 Offers a personalised dashboard to track progress 

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The MITO Advantage

Let MITO deliver impact and better health outcomes for your organsiation.

Reduce absenteeism

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Promote work-life balance

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Increase employee engagement

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Boost performance

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Eliminate burnout

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Get custom reports

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Worried about your personal data? Your Data Is Safe With Us

At Human Edge, we keep your personally-identifiable information (PII) 100% secure. We encrypt sensitive information to limit access, protecting it against any data breaches.

Frequently asked questions​

Yes. MITO extracts data from Abbott CGM patch, Oura, Whoop, Fitbit, Apple Watch, and Garmin. We are working on adding more devices.

MITO has a quarterly billing cycle for both Pro and Elite subscriptions.

The commercials for Human Edge interventions are based on the number of participants, duration, content delivery, and type of product. Please reach out to your point of contact at Human Edge for more information.

An individual can take up to 15 - 20 minutes to complete the assessment.

Wellbeing at Human Edge is simplified by focusing on 5 fundamental pillars - Sleep, Fuel, Movement, Emotions, and Environment. It is the interplay of these 5 pillars that define holistic well-being.

Biohacks are scientifically valid, small incremental changes in your lifestyle to enhance well-being and healthspan.

  • Data Insights

  • Coaching

  • Community

  • Culture

We use Slack channels for communication. However, we are open to communicating on Whatsapp as well.

Yes, selected individuals are provided personalised coaching based on the recommendations of experts.

No. Biohacks are personalised prescriptions meant for lifestyle interventions. Please consult your doctor for disease conditions/management.

Currently, Human Edge has a repository of 500 scientifically proven biohacks. However, they keep on evolving as research advances.

How can I find out about the coaches and board members at Human Edge?

Please visit for more information on our coaches and board members.

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